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Liddle Speaker

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2.00 LBS

The Liddle speaker mag soundmate is a must-have portable Bluetooth compatible speaker for music lovers.  It has a portable, durable design and fantastic audio performance, making it the go-to sound solution to take tunes wherever you go.  Rugged construction allows it to join you at the gym, poolside, the beach, home or backyard.  And if you have the Iphone 12 or 13, it will attach to the back of your phone for added sound for music or podcasts.  


  • Magnetic absorption - attach to any surface
  • Enhanced sound and bass, unmatched for its size
  • MagSafe - attach to back of phone case
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Wireless Stereo Pairing using two Liddle speakers via a single device for double the ultimate stereo sound
  • Adhesive metal ring on laptop, magnetizes to speaker to create Movie Surround Sound