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Olivelle Caramelized Garlic Infused Olive Oil

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with natural garlic flavor and is perfect for everything that needs garlic.  Drizzle in the pan when cooking meats, vegetables, eggs, or potatoes.   Drizzle it on bread before toasting.  Toss it with warm pasta, fresh tomatoes, and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  

*Each order comes with a recipe card using the olive oil purchased


Olivelle: The Art of Flavor:

The motto of the Olivelle company is “The Art of Flavor”, as they strive to offer premium, consistently high quality products - inspiring the home cook to create delicious, healthy, easy meals for family and friends.  Its founder, Brie Thompson, is the 12th person in the world to achieve the status of certified olive oil taster (the equivalent of a sommelier for wine).  She can taste olive oil and recognize its nuances - such as quality, region of origin, and any defects.  Olivelle works exclusively with small single estate farmers who aspire to produce quality products instead of mass production volume.  These farmers practice good land management (farming in rich soils, not tilling the land, and planting trees at least 8 feet apart).  They also follow proper harvesting practices:  only harvesting as many olives as can be pressed the same day, minimizing oxidation.   

What is Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a “fruit juice” which is produced by the pressing of olives.  It is harvested once a year:  in the fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  While there are multiple grades of olive oil, Olivelle sells only the highest grade - Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Due to a large variance of quality even within the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category, Olivelle ensures to deliver the best product by purchasing oil with a free acidity between 0.1% and 0.3%.  In addition, all oil is personally tasted by Brie before being approved to be sold.  High quality EVOO is used as the base for Olivelle’s infused flavors.  This oil has a mild, fresh garden flavor that does not compete with the added flavorings.  

Olive oil is a heart healthy fat high in monounsaturated fat with high levels of vitamins A, D, and E and is also high in polyphenols (antioxidants) which reduce free radicals that can cause disease in the body.  Olive oil is a functional food, that is a food that is rich in polyphenols.  A functional food is one that, beyond its basic nutritional properties, is scientifically demonstrated to have the ability to positively affect one or more of the physiological functions of the body.  It will help preserve or improve the state of health and/or reduce the risk of developing diseases related to diet.  Research from multiple sources suggests that olive oil reduces the chance of heart disease, increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL), lowers the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and contributes to lowering blood pressure.

Olive oil flavor is affected by soil conditions, the surrounding vegetation, weather and climate, olive variety, and the olive ripeness before pressing.  The press date is extremely important in the flavor of the oil.  For example, oil pressed in September will have a bolder, fresher, more robust flavor.  In addition, it will have a longer shelf life.  Pressing olives later in the season has the benefit of yielding more oil as the olives are riper.

How to Properly Store Olive Oil:

The factors that degrade olive oil are air, age, heat, and light.  Oxygen can cause olive oil to turn rancid faster.  Olivelle oils are stored in airtight food grade bags and sit free from oxygen until they are poured.  While olive oil is great for frying and sauteing, it should not be exposed to direct heat over time.  It is best stored at room temperature.  Age does not improve the flavor of olive oil and it can start to taste tired and oxidized, like old nuts.  The earlier olives are pressed, the longer their shelf life.  Olive oil should be stored away from direct light in a dark pantry or cupboard.  The color of the glass bottle is far less important than storing the oil properly.  

Olivelle Flavors:

Olivelle infused oils are dairy and vegan friendly.  Some flavors (citrus, garlic, and others with essential oils) are derived from the raw good, others are not.  Flavors such as bacon and butter are made by breaking down the flavor and aroma compounds and then pulling those flavors from nature to recreate the same profile.  Therefore, the butter and bacon olive oils are dairy free and vegan.

Can I Return my Glass Bottle: 

Due the cost of shipping glass back to our facility- it is too expensive to offer a bottle exchange program. However you can find a location near you and exchange your glass with an On-Tap partner. Our Midtown Atlanta retail location participates in the bottle exchange program.