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Rosti Mepal

  • Copper Cleaning Cloth, 2 Piece Set

    Copper Cleaning Cloth, 2 Piece Set

    Copper is a soft, non-abrasive metal that safely hines sensitive objects.  Fine copper threads loosen stubborn dirt carefully.  Used wet, it leaves no scratches behind.  It is ideal...

  • Redecker Pot Brush

    Redecker Pot Brush

    Give your pots a good scrub with this pot brush made of untreated beechwood and union fiber.  The gentleman’s head will bring a smile to your face as you wash up.  2.7” x...

  • Redecker Vegetable Brush

    Redecker Vegetable Brush

    The name printed on the top says it all.  This vegetable brush is made from plant based fiber bristles and untreated beechwood and will give your veggies a good scrub.  5.3” long