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Caron & Doucet Cutting Board Wax

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Caron & Doucet’s cutting board wax is a 100% plant based, food safe finish to protect wooden kitchenware naturally, without petro-chemicals. The waterproof barrier that it creates prevents the absorption of liquids that may cause food stains, water damage and bacteria from growing.   Enhanced with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils that help to naturally eliminate odor causing bacteria, without transferring onto food.   It also makes cleaning easier by creating a finish that prevents food from drying and becoming stuck onto the wood. Made of a solvent-less, refined coconut oil base, it will not go rancid as common cooking oils do.  Ideal for wooden cutting boards, wooden butcher blocks, bamboo cutting boards, wooden kitchen utensils, wooden salad bowls.

3.5 Ounce Container