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Cheesecake Moat

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The most simplistic, yet sophisticated cheesecake bake pans - the cheesecake moat. Moisture, expansion and hot spots are the bane of any good dessert, let alone the finicky nature of cheesecakes. The two separate sections allow water to give humidity to prevent burning or crisping, yet the water remains completely partitioned in a self-contained circular chamber. The end result is a mouth watering, rich, creamy cheesecake, perfect from crust to center. A secret by world-renowned chefs is now at your disposal. The patented Cheesecake Moat is designed to help you make perfect cheesecakes - every time.

Works with 8, 9 or 10" Springform Pans. (Outer diameter of the Cheesecake Moat is 14", inner diameter is 12".)

The Cheesecake Moat is made in the USA.


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