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Beyond Gourmet Baking Cotton Cooking Twine, 200 ft.

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This heavy construction cooking twine serves a multitude of purposes in your kitchen and home.  Truss a chicken or turkey; secure crown roasts, Italian braciole or bacon-wrapped filets.  It securely ties off casings and fastens together rolled meats in preparation for curing, smoking and preserving.  Use for crafts, anchoring plants, drying flowers and herbs, securing packages, tarps - its uses are limitless.  Made of all natural, unbleached 16-ply chef-grade cotton which is free of chlorine bleach, peroxide and other harsh chemicals.

  • 200 feet long
  • Material:
  • Made from all natural, unbleached 16 ply chef-grade cotton
  • Features:
  • Biodegradable
  • Oven safe to 350F