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EZ Brite Glass & Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner & Conditioner

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EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner is a naturally based, sustainable, food-safe cooktop cleaner that harnesses the amazing cleaning power of Mother Nature. The 100-Percent biodegradable and highly effective cleaner has been featured in Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping magazines and was tested and recommended by Cooking Club of America members.

EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner is safe for glass and ceramic cooktops, bakeware such as Pyrex and Corningware, and highly popular enameled cookware and range tops. EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner is water-based, has a fresh lemon fragrance, and contains no artificial coloring. EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner is a safe alternative to harsh cleansers on the market with an optimum blend of vegetable-based oil soaps-including tree and coconut oils and natural micro-abrasives. EZ Brite Cooktop cleaner is a great value: less product is needed to clean more because it is a highly concentrated gel.

7 oz container

  • 100% biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA