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Global SAI 3.5 Inch Straight Paring Knife

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Global knives, with Komin Yamada (original designer of Global knives), has released Global Sai knives. Sai represents Global's top of the line series of cutlery. These knives still have many of the characteristics of the original Global knives like a hollow handle. The differences added to Sai knives will delight knife enthusiasts the world over.

The Sai handle features a more ergonomic shape with a hollowed out place for your fingers. The blade has a Cromova 18 Sanso stainless steel alloy core hardened to 58-59 degrees Rockwell versus the original Global blade hardened to 56-58 degrees Rockwell. The steel core is clad in 2 layers of SUS410 stainless steel to strengthen the blade and protects it from rust. The exterior steel is hammered resulting in a beautiful finish that also keeps food from sticking to the blade. The blades are sharpened to a 12.5 degree angle for amazing performance.