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Gozney Dome Oven - Dual Fuel Propane (LPG) and Wood Burning

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Gozney’s Dome is the world’s most versatile outdoor oven with its ability to roast, smoke, steam (with steam injector sold separately) or bake.  It is a professional grade outdoor oven for beginners as well as professional chefs who desire the taste and experience of wood-fired cooking and an array of different cooking styles.  Featuring slow or fast cooking, you can make wood-fired pizza, salmon, steaks - as well as bake bread or slow roast a pork butt.  The digital thermometer gives precise readings throughout the cooking process, while 2 built-in meat probes give you an accurate reading of your food’s temperature.  It reaches higher temperatures faster (up to 950°F) and stays hotter with a 30 mm double-layer stone floor and dense cavity insulation.  Another feature is a quick-connect accessory port that allows easy insertion of a number of accessories into the dock (cold smoking attachment, automated pellet burner, or steam injector for example).  The GozneyShield is a ceramic bonded outer coating allowing year round outdoor use - extra durable, water resistant, and UV stable.  Gozney has engineered this product to make wood-fired cooking easy and enjoyable.

Both Propane (LPG) and wood may be used with this model and it is suitable for use in an outdoor kitchen.  In the box you will find the Gozney Dome outdoor oven, a detachable flue and cap, a dock and accessory port, a digital thermometer with display unit and batteries, 2 temperature probes to check the internal temperatures of your food, a manual air regulation air vent and ashtray module, and a manual.  Dual fuel ovens also include an integrated gas burner and regulator, ignition and flame regulation dial, and one stone floor puck to switch between gas and wood. 

The oven mouth is 5.1” tall and 16.1” wide while the external dimensions are 21.6” high x 31.1” deep and 26.7” wide.  The Dome is built to last using professional grade materials and features a 5 year warranty.  

*Wood, peels, and accessories are sold separately.

*Please note that fuel options are not interchangeable at a later date.

*Please note that Dome is only suitable for use indoors with gas fuel when correctly ventilated to the atmosphere. Always check local codes and regulations prior to purchase and usage.