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HIC Kitchen Taco Holder Stands, Set of 2

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These taco holders work well for warming, baking, grilling, filling and serving tacos.  They hold and elevate empty hard or soft taco shells to heat evenly in the oven or on the grill, while helping to reduce breakage.  One side holds 2 tacos, and when flipped, the other side holds 3.  Side handles make it easy to transport to and from the oven or grill.  They are safe for direct and indirect heat and direct flame exposure on the grill.  Heat or crisp shells alone first for 5-7 minutes, then fill with meat, fish, or veggies and cheese, then continue heating to melt the cheese.  Serve them directly from the holders.

Stainless steel construction makes them durable, heat and flame safe, and dishwasher safe.  They will not rust or transfer flavors between uses.  Set of 2, each measuring 8.25” x 4” x 2”.

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