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KAI Pro 5 Piece BBQ Set

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6.00 LBS

This BBQ set by KAI PRO has four key tools needed for grilled meats of all types, from prime rib to poultry.  The cleaver handles larger cuts of bone-in meat; the Asian multi-prep breaks down poultry quickly and also works as a general prep knife for grilled vegetables; the boning/fillet knife gets in close to the bone; and the slicing/brisket knife creates perfect, mouth-watering slices.  A handsome knife roll and blade guards for each knife allows you to travel with your tools easily.  

Set includes:

  • 5” Asian Multi-Prep
  • 6.5” Boning/Fillet
  • 7” Cleaver
  • 12” Brisket/Slicing
  • Knife Roll