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Nutr Machine - Black

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The Nutr Machine allows you to make your own plant-based and nut milks in a matter of minutes, with no pre-soak necessary.  The sleek, compact design creates single servings (between 8-13 ounces) of dairy free milks including almond, oat, cashew, walnut, soy, coconut, rice, flax, peanut and more.  Store bought milks are about 98% water and contain preservatives, gums, emulsifiers, oil, and sugars.  You get twice the nutritional value when you make plant-based milk with whole, natural foods at home, without the waste of a carton. 

 The 3 steps to having your own homemade plant-based milk are simple:  Add 1 scoop of preferred nuts, seeds, or grains, or a blend.  Fill the machine with water between the minimum and maximum line, depending on your preferred creaminess and quantity.  Choose the temperature (hot, warm, room temp) and blend for a few minutes.  You may pour the milk through the provided strainer or enjoy the milk with the nutritious pulp.

The room temperature setting creates milks to be enjoyed cold or at room temperature.  Use cold filtered water for desired chill temperature if you want to enjoy it immediately.   Great for oat milk lovers, done in 2 minutes.  The warm setting is excellent for coffee milks and creamers to keep hot beverages hot.  Reaching 140°F, useful for a wide variety of milks such as almond, walnut, cashew, hemp, flaxseed and more.  Ready in about 5 minutes.  The hot setting which brings temperatures up to 212°F while blending is useful for soy milk and rice milk creations.  The Nutr machine will boil and continuously blend in a maximum of 15-20 minutes.  (Soy milk needs to reach this temperature in order to be consumed safely.)

  • Powerful motor and blades grind nut, seed, and grain blends for plant-based milks and a variety of hot & cold recipes such as smoothies, yogurts, & soups.
  • 3 unique temperature settings - room temp, warm, and hot
  • Self-cleaning may be used by adding dish soap and water for a 90 second rinse cycle
  • Boil feature allows you to boil water or liquid of choice in just minutes
  • Keep warm feature can keep desired recipes warm over time
  • Auto-off for protection, to stop blending when the lid is unlocked
  • Delay start feature to soak nuts overnight for a creamier result, up to 18 hours ahead.  Set a time and wake up to fresh nut milk.

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