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Ooni Folding Table

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Ooni’s Folding Table lets you set up a pizza party and pack it away quickly and easily.  It’s a great pop-up surface for the Ooni pizza oven, folding almost flat when you’re finished.  Perfect for backyard, balcony, or travel.  It is compatible with all Ooni ovens and features a commercial-grade stainless steel work surface and powder-coated carbon steel frame.  It also has a built-in shelf and table hook kit.  The dimensions are 22.64” x 27.56” x 35.43” and it weighs 22.9 lbs.  Included are the folding table, a hook kit, an Allen key, 1 pack of fixings, and the user manual.

*Compatible with all Ooni ovens.  For added stability with the Koda 16, Ooni Shoes are recommended.