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Able Kone Coffee Filter for Ratio Eight

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This is a custom Kone permanent filter for the Ratio Eight, designed specifically to optimize extraction of a full batch of coffee (40 ounces).  It features square-to-round holes, a graduated-density hole pattern, and a polished mirror finish.  These features improve water flow and keep sediment from passing through the filter - giving better extraction and more consistent flavor.

The reusable filter is designed with a high precision seam to keep a tight, durable seal which holds up to daily use.  The plastic ring around the filter maintains the Kone’s shape and is made from certified food-safe plastic.  It also traps fewer oils and grounds to make clean up easy.  With no additional layers for particles to become trapped, coffee will continue to taste great day after day.

Fits the Ratio Glass Carafe and Ratio Dripper as well as 6, 8, and 10 cup Chemex coffee makers

Designed to work with the Ratio Eight