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Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir/Burgundy Glasses - Set of 2

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The Vinum collection by Riedl, introduced in 1986, was the first machine-made option for a wine glass based on the characteristics of the grape varietal.  Experience in tasting workshops helped develop the shape of each individual glass, based on the need of the particular grape to express its best self.  The glass for Burgundy/Pinot Noir if perfect for light-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannin.  It will highlight the right fruit-forward characters and temper the high acidity of the wine.  The balloon-shaped bowl captures all the nuances of the wine’s aroma.

  • Box of 2 glasses
  • 25.5 ounce capacity
  • 8.3” high
  • Fine machine-made crystal from Bavaria, Germany
  • Dishwasher safe, with care