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RSVP Replacement Filters for Stainless Compost Pail - Set of 2

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RSVP Charcoal Replacement Filters for the lid of your RSVP Stainless Compost Pail prevents odors from your composting - comes in a set of 2.

The RSVP Stainless Steel Compost Pail gives you a good looking way of "going green" in your kitchen.

This compost pail can sit on your counter-top and collect fruit and vegetable scraps and look good at the same time. It has a dishwasher safe removable liner for easy cleaning, a large comfortable handle for carrying and dual charcoal filters in the lid to prevent odors.

RSVP was founded in 1984 with the objective of providing quality products at competitive prices to kitchen specialty stores. They have developed the reputation of being a supplier of innovative, high quality kitchen basics and gadgets.