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Shun Classic Paring Knives

MSRP: $125.00 - $138.00
$99.95 - $109.95
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The Shun Classic Paring Knife is a must-have for every kitchen, second only to the Chef's knife. The paring knife gets its name from its main function--removing or "paring" away things like peels or pits from fruits and vegetables. It's ideal for peeling, coring, trimming, decorating, and other detail work. Its small size gives you complete control over the tip and edge of the blade. Featuring beautiful Damascus-clad blades and D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handle, this knife is razor-sharp offering top performance. Adding to that is Shun's proprietary high-performance VG-MAX steel, which provides incredible edge retention. Handcrafted in Japan this knife is not only beautiful, it's sharp, durable, and corrosion resistant.

Available in 3.5" and 4"