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Shun Narukami 4” Paring Knife

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Narukami means “thunderbolt” in Japanese, and this new line of knives has the sharp, edge-holding performance of carbon steel in a handsome knife.  The core of this knife is Blue11 carbon steel that is jacketed with a layer of bead-blasted stainless steel on each side making them easier to maintain.  While the stainless steel protects the core, the san mai cladding protects against corrosion, hides scratches, and helps food release.   Beautiful riveted Micarta handles are durable with a very comfortable grip.

 The main function of the 4” paring knife is to remove or “pare” away things (such as peels from fruits and vegetables) as well as mincing small amounts of garlic and onions, or other precision tasks.    

Hand wash your knives with gentle dish soap, rinse. and towel dry immediately.  Do not use products with citrus extracts or bleach as they can promote rust.  Never place in a dishwasher.

Store your Shun cutlery in a wooden block, in-drawer knife tray, sheath, or knife case to protect the knives and your fingers.

It is best to use a good cutting board such as a medium-soft wooden one.  Tile, ceramic, marble, granite, or glass boards are not recommended and can be very hard on your knives.

Handcrafted in Japan.