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Shun Premier 2-Piece Build A Block Set w/Bonus Honing Steel

MSRP: $373.00
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Build the knife set of your dreams with this Build-a-Block set from Shun. The set includes, of course, an 6-slot slimline bamboo block as well as the most important knife in the kitchen, an 8-inch Shun Premier Chef’s Knife. This set also comes with a Shun Honing Steel so you can keep your blades in peak cutting condition between sharpening. This leaves you with 4 slots open to build your own personalized knife set according to your cooking style. The block is made of lightweight, durable, and very renewable bamboo. Bamboo is easy to care for since it does not absorb moisture and will not shrink or swell. It also looks fantastic on the counter. Shun’s Build-a-Block Set makes an excellent gift, and as the slots are slowly filled over time, you are sure to have gift ideas for years to come.