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Smithey Cast Iron 11” Deep Skillet with Glass Lid

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Smithey cast iron pans have a glassy smooth surface which is usually the result of years of use.  The 11” deep skillet combines many design elements into a single, versatile pan that will become an everyday favorite.  Polished, curved interior walls are perfect for browning and stirring ground meat and vegetables. The extra depth of this skillet helps minimize oil splashes while pan frying.  If you want to steam, simmer, or braise, just add some liquid and put on the custom fit glass lid.  The smooth round interior and even heat retention make it perfect for baking casseroles.  

Smithey cast iron pans begin as a raw casting with a sandpaper like surface.  The artisans at Smithey then use hand and machine processes to smooth each pan individually until it is naturally non-stick right out of the box.  Not only do you have an amazing cooking surface which is easy to clean and maintain, you are in possession of a beautiful hand-finished modern icon.