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Toadfish Crab Claw Cutter

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Another great Toadfish design, this crab claw cutter cuts evenly around crab claws in one step so that the meat remains intact without shell fragments.  Precision spring-loaded jaws offer fast and clean shell opening without a mess.  Create beautiful presentations with lobster, blue, king, and Dungeness crab claws.  

How to Use:  Flip open the locking hinge on the crab cutter.  Place a crab claw into the open serrated jaws right above the crab claw joint.  Slowly close the cutter around the claw until the serrated teeth create a perfect cut, then slowly pull apart the claw to reveal your intact crab claw meat.

For every product sold, Toadfish replants new oyster beds to help clean coastal waters with the “Let’s Put ‘Em Back” program.