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Zwilling Enfinigy Sous Vide Stick - White

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The revolutionary Enfinigy electrics line from Zwilling has German engineering and innovation as well as a sleek design.  Theis sous vide stick offers an LED-touch display, a stainless-steel heating cover with minimum and maximum water level sensor built in, and a handy timer function.  Its accuracy is within the range of 0.1°F - 0.3°F allowing you to cook food to the exact temperature that you desire.  This cooking method involves using a gentle water bath into which you place vacuum sealed food.  Zwilling’s sous vide stick has an integrated clamp and can be used with any pot in your kitchen.  If you love a perfectly cooked steak, the sous vide is your answer.  Set your desired temperature on the sous vide stick and when that temperature is reached, the steak can remain in the water bath without any further cooking.  Then when you are ready, quickly sear in a pan for a beautiful result.  Achieve the uniform cooking  results you desire with meat, fish, or vegetables.  Cooking in a vacuum sealed bag locks in flavor and seals in liquids as well as ensuring there is no oxidation or loss of liquid, vitamins, or nutrients.  Zwilling’s Fresh & Save vacuum seal reusable bags may be used with the system.