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Ankarsrum Basic Meat Grinder Package

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With the addition of this meat grinder package with three sausage horns, you can use your Ankarsrum mixer to make sausage to your own personal preferences - everything from hot dogs, bratwurst, chicken and more - including fish or vegetarian sausages.  You now have full control of content and quality of ingredients and can spice your favorites as you wish.   Always use the feeder plug for feeding, do not insert any foreign objects such as knives or forks in the mincer housing.  

The Basic Meat Grinder attachment includes the following components:

  • Mincer
  • 3 sausage horns - 10, 20, and 25mm
  • Feeder Tray
  • Feeder Plug
  • 4.5mm hole disc grinder
  • Splashguard

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Ankarsrum accessory pieces have a one year warranty.