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Burlap and Barrel Garam Masala

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Chef Floyd Cardoz, a celebrated Indian-born American chef, developed this blend that was the cornerstone of his spice cupboard.  It is a simple yet bright and aromatic blend that he sprinkled on lentils, beans, vegetables, or meats just before serving.  He would also bloom it with aromatics in ghee or sprinkle into a cooking pot to finish a dish with fragrant, floral notes.  

1.8 ounce glass jar

Ingredients:  Cinnamon verum, star anise, bay leaf, black cardamom, yellow cardamom, mace, closes

Tasting notes:  Floral, Sweet, Aromatic

Elevate your spice collection with Shark Tank approved spices from Burlap and Barrel.  By partnering with smallholder farmers around the world, Burlap and Barrel are bringing us spices with incredible flavor that have never before been available in the US.  This direct sourcing brings distinctive flavors - imparted by the specific environments in which the spices are grown - to customers with discriminating palates.  Burlap and Barrel work directly with small farms and cooperatives, accessing unique varietals, all the while helping to improve the livelihoods of their partners.  Bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down, they create the shortest supply chain possible.  These are exceptional products - grown organically and sustainably with traditional techniques and sourced directly from the best spice farmers and foragers in the world who are now connected to high-value markets.