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  • RSVP Endurance® Spring Skewers - Set Of 4

    RSVP Endurance® Spring Skewers - Set Of 4

    RSVP's 14" Spring Skewers can used to grill or roast vegetables, meats, and poultry or a combination of the 3. The spring style handles help to diffuse heat for an easier grip and lasting durability...

  • RSVP Herb Scissors

    RSVP Herb Scissors

    The RSVP Herb Scissors snips the herbs you need quickly, easily, neatly and right where you want. The unusual blade design of this gadget features a set of five, sharp 3"stainless steel blades that...

  • RSVP Nonstick Scrubber

    RSVP Nonstick Scrubber

    RSVP’s rectangular nonstick scrubber is ideal for cleaning nonstick cookware surfaces without scratching.  It may also be used to gently clean porcelain and glass. Features: 5” x 3...

  • RSVP Potato Ricer

    RSVP Potato Ricer

    Cook’s Illustrated has rated this potato ricer #1, and it’s ready to move quickly through piles of potatoes to make smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes.   The contoured handles are...

  • RSVP Salt Cellar

    RSVP Salt Cellar

    The RSVP Salt Cellar is a great way to store salt for easy access in the kitchen and good looking enough to use at the table. This is the kind of salt cellar seen on several TV cooking shows. The 8oz...

  • RSVP Stainless Compost Pail

    RSVP Stainless Compost Pail

    The RSVP Endurance Stainless Compost Pail gives you a great solution for efficient recycling of recycling food scraps in your kitchen. This stainless steel pail has a fluted, polished body - and...

  • RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles - Pink RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles - Black RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles - Fiery Red RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles

    RSVP Tearless Kitchen Onion Goggles

    Eye protection technology meets kitchen practicality with these patented and innovative goggles. The comfortable foam seal blocks out irritating smoke and vapors and the slightly tinted and fog-free...

  • RSVP Universal Lid

    RSVP Universal Lid

    The RSVP Universal Lid is an attractive and heavyweight lid that fits frying ;or saute pans that are 7"-12" in diameter. It is made of stainless steel and has an adjustable vent to allow steam to...