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Shun Sora 7" Hollow Ground Santoku

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Western knives traditional rock back and forth violently to chop through food, whereas this 7 inch santoku knife is built to cut in one simple, effortless stroke. Chefs understand the importance of consistency and efficiency.

The ability to chop, mince and slice using one simple movement involves less manual labor, saving your time for prep work. A staple in fine dining kitchens, it's now available to you, infused with custom steel, and an artistic handle consummating one of the best kitchen knives ever created.

Shun’s Sora line truly shows how flawless and gorgeous Cutting Edge technology can be. With Sora, the blade is actually 2 pieces of steel that are braze welded together. The VG10 san mai cutting edge is joined to the upper part of the blade made of Japanese 420J stainless steel. The result is an affordable knife with razor sharp performance.

Add to it an ergonomic handle made of a PP/TPE polymer blend which is durable and will not slip even when your hands are wet.