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Bootleg Barrel-Aged Cocktail Kit

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Age your cocktails like a professional bartender with this barrel and cocktail mix kit.  Most spirits and cocktails benefit greatly from a period of rest and time for fusion of flavors.  Now the craze which began with high end bartenders is available to the home bar enthusiast.  Simply pour the packet of Barrel Aged Cocktail Mix in the barrel and top off the barrel with your favorite whiskey.  Allow 3-5 days for the cocktail to age and then begin tasting - age to your personal taste.  You may also simply put your favorite spirit into the barrel for aging.  

The Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of small barrels for accelerated aging for over 20 years.  These new wood barrels are made from short cuts of 18-24 month air-dried American white oak sourced from the same mills as those who make full size bourbon barrels.   These premium barrels are used in distilleries and in the finest restaurants, whiskey bars and wineries around the world.

Kit includes:

  • 2 liter American white oak barrel with a chalkboard front
  • Stand, bung, spigot, and chalk
  • 8 ounce packet of Old Fashioned Barrel Aged Cocktail Mix
  • 8 ounce packet of Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail Mix
  • “Bonus” Bootlegger’s Bible Book