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Olivelle Summer Peach Barrel Aged White Balsamic Vinegar

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2.00 LBS

Made from grape must, wine vinegar, and natural peach flavor, this is perfect to drizzle over yogurt with fresh berries and granola.  Add it to pan sauces and bbq sauces for glazing pork, chicken, seafood, and wild game.  And don’t forget to use it for dressing garden salads with fresh fruit and nuts!

*Each order comes with a recipe card using the balsamic purchased


Olivelle: The Art of Flavor:

The motto of the Olivelle company is “The Art of Flavor”, as they strive to offer premium, consistently high quality products - inspiring the home cook to create delicious, healthy, easy meals for family and friends.  Its founder, Brie Thompson, is the 12th person in the world to achieve the status of certified olive oil taster (the equivalent of a sommelier for wine).  She can taste olive oil and recognize its nuances - such as quality, region of origin, and any defects.  Olivelle works exclusively with small single estate farmers who aspire to produce quality products instead of mass production volume.  These farmers practice good land management (farming in rich soils, not tilling the land, and planting trees at least 8 feet apart).  They also follow proper harvesting practices:  only harvesting as many olives as can be pressed the same day, minimizing oxidation.   

What is Balsamic:

Balsamic vinegar has surprising versatility, adding depth to salad dressings, sauces, gravies, dips, marinades, desserts, soups, vegetables, and drizzling over cheeses and fruits.  Vinegar is a double fermented product which can be made from any carbohydrate (sugar), such as grapes, wheat, corn, rice and apples. Double fermentation is the process where a sugar is first fermented into alcohol and then secondly, the alcohol is fermented into acetic acid (vinegar) by adding an acetobacter or mother.  To make balsamic vinegar, grapes are cooked or concentrated, thereby creating grape must.  This is then added to an existing acetobacter (mother) or to wine vinegar.  It is then fermented and aged in wooden casks.  These balsamic vinegars are wonderful to add sweetness, tang, and depth to any dish - not just salad dressing or bread dipping.

What is Mother:

Mother is a natural occurring cellulose produced by good bacteria and is also known as acetobacter.  Just as SCOBY in kombucha or the stringy bits in apple cider vinegar, the mother is full of antioxidants and micronutrients which are good for gut health.  It may appear stringy, slimy, or jelly like and is perfectly fine to eat, although you may strain it out of the bottle if you wish.  Although many companies pasteurize their vinegar to prevent the mother from forming, Olivelle does not pasteurize their products.  The mother is a sign of a healthy vinegar and will form in all of Olivelle’s vinegars over time!

Can I Return my Glass Bottle: 

Due the cost of shipping glass back to our facility- it is too expensive to offer a bottle exchange program. However you can find a location near you and exchange your glass with an On-Tap partner. Our Midtown Atlanta retail location participates in the bottle exchange program.