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Dreamfarm Ozest

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The Ozest is a concave speed zester that instantly cleans itself with the simple push of a button.  The stainless steel concave grater plate increases the contact area for faster zesting, as well as guiding the food down the center for safer and more efficient strokes.  441 super fine blades are angled to create fluffier and more aromatic zest while leaving the bitter pith behind.  The protective blade cover does double duty, snapping or sliding on for safe storage, but also doubling as a zest catcher, holding up to 2 tablespoons.  But the best part is that a push of a button cleans and clears any clinging zest from the grater - you don’t have to risk your fingers trying to get the zest you want off the bottom of the Ozest!

Comes with snap-on safety cover

12.6” long, 2.2” wide

Material:  Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, TPE

Dishwasher safe