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Wusthof Classic 8" Carving Knife

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Any chef will tell you the importance of a top quality carving knife. A razor-sharp blade is essential for slicing meat, poultry and fish precisely and evenly. This Wusthof Classic carving knife is no stranger to top chefs' kitchens. Forged from the finest quality steel, the blade is exact and the handle is built for comfort.

When you handle this knife, its superiority speaks for itself. Its sharpness endures so you won't have to spend time re-sharpening after every use. Wusthof Classic knives are called classic for a reason. They are everything a chef expects of a superior knife. The handle is comfortable and handsome.

The heft of the knife speaks quality and the balance of the knife is inspiring. The blade is designed to edge glide effortlessly through meats and fish making quick work of serving at your finest meals. Wusthof knives, a hallmark for chefs the world over!