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OXO Good Grips Bent Icing Knife

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The OXO Good Grips Bent Icing Knife features a sturdy, flexible, stainless steel blade. The bent blade elevates your hand to ensure adequate clearance above frosted surfaces, while the soft, non-slip handle rests comfortably in your hand.

In 1990 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools were introduced in answer to these few simple questions - Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can't there be comfortable tools that are easy to use? These ergonomically-designed tools set a new standard for the industry and raised the bar of consumer expectation for comfort and performance.

Today, OXO continues to be dedicated to providing innovative solutions that ease everyday tasks and offers over 850 products covering many areas of the home. Each has been developed based on the concept of Universal Design (also known as Inclusive Design), a philosophy of making products that are usable by as many people as possible.