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Staub 4 Piece Cast Iron Stackable Set - Matte Black

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STAUB Stackable is an innovative enameled cast iron space-saving set with essential cookware pieces for a variety of cooking tasks.  The thoughtfully designed sloped sides accommodate nesting so that it fits neatly into storage areas such as shelves, cupboards, and pot drawers.

Included are a 5.25 quart round cocotte (for cooking soups, stews and more), a 3.5 quart braiser (for cooking chicken thighs, etc.), and a 10” grill pan (for grilling burgers and more), along with a universal lid which fits on each of these pieces.  The set price gives you 30% savings over buying the pieces individually.  Attachable rubberized bumpers are included to safeguard the pieces from scratches as they are stacked and unstacked.

Staub enameled cast iron is unsurpassed for slow-cooking meats and vegetables to tender perfection, and for simmering hearty stews and soups.  The exceptional heat-retaining qualities of cast iron mean that your pot heats evenly throughout.  The heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture while tiny spikes on the lid’s interior create a rain-forest effect returning juices back onto food.

Staub cookware, with its French heritage, is treasured by professional and home chefs for its craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and beauty.  The pieces easily and elegantly transition from the oven to the table - cook and serve in the same dish.  These heirloom pieces can and should be passed from generation to generation.